A Different Perspective

We all deal with pain differently.  When I was going through my pregnancy losses and infertility, it was difficult for me to consider the pain that my husband was feeling because I was in such a dark place.  This article was written by a man after their miscarriage.  He shares his feelings and honesty about what he was going through.  

I really like the part of the article that gives advice on how to help a loved one dealing with loss.  The suggestion that touched me the most was to persevere in your concern.  This was a great reminder for me as I support others, but also a message I wish I could have sent to loved ones during my struggles.  It often felt as though my pain was forgotten by others and I was expected to move on when I was not ready.   It is easy to show support immediately after a loss, but how often do people follow up in the weeks, months, or even years after? This is a reminder that everyone heals in their own time and they need support through their entire journey.  

Hope After Miscarriage